Der SuB - meist das Grauen eines jeden Lesers. Oder wie ist das bei euch? Ich versuche mir keinen großen Stress zu machen, allerdings klappt das nicht immer. Nicht, weil ich unbedingt die Zahl an sich verringern möchte, sondern weil ich so viele Geschichten habe, die mich  interessieren und die ich alle am liebsten gleichzeitig lesen möchte. Hier gibt's nun jene, die unbedingt noch an die Reihe kommen sollen...

27.07.2016 |  116 Bücher

Aarons, Carrie | Red Card
Alexander, Hilaria | Prude 
Anderson, Natalie | Melt

Ball, Krista D. | Limelight
Barone, Elizabeth | The Nanny with the Skull Tatto
Barrons, Ana | Son of the Enemy
Baumann, Tamra | Matching Mr. Right (Rocky Mountain Matchmaker #1)
Baumann, Tamra | It Had To Be Him (It Had To Be #1)
Beck, Jamie | Accidentally Hers (Sterling Canyon #1)
Belle, Kimberly | The Last Breath
Black, Shayla | Scandal Never Sleeps (The Perfect Gentlemen #1)
Blaine, Brooke | Licked (L.A. Liasions #1)    
Blake, Kasidy | Revived
Brant, Kylie | Deadly Intent (Mindhunters #4)
Brant, Kylie | 11 
Brown, Melissa | Bouquet Toss (Love of My Life #1)
Burton, Jaci | All Wound Up (Play by Play #10) 
Clarke, M. | Sexiest Man Alive (Knight Fashion #1) 
Cross, Amity | L is for Luminous

d'Abo, Chrstine | Sexapades
Dade, Olivia | Broken Resolutions (Lovestruck Librarians #1)
DePaul, Virna | Filthy Rich
Duffy, Aimee | Scandal (Tainted #1)
Duke, Violet | Jackson's Trust (Fourth Down #1)
Elliot, Kendra | Alone (Bone Secrets #4)
Fantome, Stylo | The Bad Ones
Faulkenberry, Lauren | Bayou My Love
Fiore, L.A. | Just Me  
Foster, T.A. | Finding Haven (Haven #1)
Foster, T.A. | Fly
Foster, T.A. | The Magnolia Affair

Gleason, Colleen | Aufbruch aus der Nacht (Tagebücher der Dunkelheit #3) 
Gracen, Jennifer | More Than You Know (The Harrisons #1)
Graves, Jane | Stray Hearts 
Grey, Jeanette | Seven Nights to Surrender (Art of Passion #1)
Grey, Jeanette | Confessions in the Dark
Grey, R.S. | Chasing Spring
Grey, R.S. | Settling the Score (The Summer Games #1)
Harlow, Melanie | Some Sort of Happy (Happy Crazy Love #1)
Harper, Karen | Das Geheimnis von Turtle Bay
Hawkins, J.D. | Confessions of a Bad Boy
Hawkins, Jessica | Slip of the Tongue
Hayley, Elizabeth | The Best Medicine (Strictly Business #1)  
Hoff, Stacy | Lawfully Yours
Hoff, Stacy | Desire in the Everglades
Hoff, Stacy | Desire in the Arctic
Hollyfield, J.D. | Faking It (UnReal #1)
Howe, Olivia | Pretty Bird
-I, J-
Jacobs, Anna | Tomorrow's Path
James, Erica | The Queen of New Beginnings
Jennings, Elizabeth | Shadows at Midnight

Kaye, Laura | Love in the Light (Light in Darkness #2)
Kennedy, Elle | The Deal (Off-Campus #1
Kramer, Kieran | Trouble When You Walked In 

Lang, Kimberly | Everything at Last (Magnolia Beach #2)
Lang, Kimberly | The Downfall of a Good Girl (LaBlanc Sisters #1)
Larson, Shirley | One Magic Night
Lauren, Christina | Beautiful Boss (Beautiful #4.5)
Lauren, Christina | Wicked Sexy Liar (Wild Seasons #4)
Layne, Lauren | I Wish You Were Mine (Oxford #2) 
Lenhardt, Melissa | Sawbones
Liasson, Miranda | This Thing Called Love (Mirror Lake #1)
Linde, K.A. | Off The Record (Record #1) 
Linfoot, Jane | How to Win A Guy In 10 Days
Lowe, Fiona | Montana Actually (Medicine River #1) 

Madden, A.M. | LOVE on the Horizon (Breaking the Rules #1)
Madison, Mari | Just This Night (Exclusive Romance #1) 
Malone, Lily | The Goodbye Ride
Malone, Lily | His Brand of Beautiful
Malone, Lily | So Far Into You
March, Tracy | Girl Three    
Martinez, Aly | The Fall Up
Meader, Kate | Flirting With Fire (Hot in Chicago #1)
Meredith, M.K. | Malibu Betrayals (Malibu Sights #1)
McKellar, Lauren K. | Fame (Not Like the Movies #1)
Montgomery, Alexis Lusonne | Bride by Chocolate (Sweet #1)
Moreau, Jacqui | Winner Takes All   
Morris, Liv | Marry, Screw, Kill
 Nichols, Amie | The Good One

O'Keefe, Molly | Everthing I Left Unsaid (Everything I Left Unsaid #1)
Osborn, K.E. | Just Friends?
Pelton, Kristi | Dips
Proby, Kristen | Loving Cara (Love Under the Sky #1)

Raven, Michelle | Geheime Mission (Turtle #3)
Richardson, Amanda | The Realm of You
Riley, Gia | Rock the Boat
Robards, Karen | Darkness
Roberts, Rylie | Chasing Happy (Texas Desires #1)
Rose, Frankie | Winter (Four Seasons #1)
Ruggle, Katie | On His Watch (Search & Rescue #0.5)  
Ryan, R.C. | Matt (Malloys of Montana #1)

Sala, Sharon | Going Once (Forces of Nature #1)
Sala, Sharon | Jackson Rule
Sala, Sharon | Wild Hearts (Secrets and Lies #1)
Sala, Sharon | Blood Stains (The Seachers #1)
Sala, Sharon | Blown Away (Storm Front #1)
Sands, Charlene | Bachelor for Hire (Bachelor Auction #1)
Singh, Nalini | Rock Hard (Rock Kiss #2)
Shelton, Claudia | Risk of a Lifetime
Snow, Emily | Love Thy Neighbor
Snow, Emily | Wrecked
Snow, Tiffany | Blank Slate
Stone, Ivy | Exposed 
Stoyanoff, Ashley | Two Truths and a Lie (PRG #1) 
Struth, Sharon | Share the Moon (Blue Moon Lake #1)
Sutton, Jenna | All The Right Places (Riley O'Brien & Co #1)

Tabke, Karin | In A Bad Way (Bad Boys of the Bay #2)
Tentler, Leslie | Fallen
Tentler, Leslie | Before the Storm
Thompson, Janice | Stars Colide (Backstage Pass #1) 
Torre, Alessandra | Love, Chloe
Torre, Alessandra | Hollywood Dirt

Walker, Shiloh | Headed for Trouble (The McKay Family #1)
Williams, Nicole | The Fable of Us

 Zart, Lindy | Steady as the Snow Falls

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