Release Day Blitz | R.S. Grey - A Place in the Sun

Happy Release Day, Rachel!

Mit "A Place in the Sun" erscheint heute bereits Rachels 14. Geschichte (und die 4. in diesem Jahr!). Der Inhalt klingt wie immer äußerst ansprechend und ich hoffe, ich finde bald die Zeit zum Lesen.

Gossip | Neuzugänge September / Oktober 2016

Wenn ich schon nicht zum Lesen komme, dann wenigstens zum Bücherkaufen. Und so sind seit dem letzten Post gleich 13 neue Paperbacks eingezogen. 2 sind noch unterwegs und daher noch nicht abgebildet. 

Review | Loreth Anne White - The Slow Burn of Silence


An ex-con, wrongfully convicted of a heinous crime, returns to a small mountain town determined to prove his innocence, reclaim the heart of the woman who helped put him behind bars, and win back the right to meet the daughter he learned about in prison. But his arrival stirs up dark secrets and re-ignites a fierce and consuming passion that just might get the woman he loves, and his child, killed.

Nine years ago Rachel Salonen and Jeb Cullen were soul mates--deeply, irrevocably in love. Until the night two young women went missing from a party in the woods. One was found raped, beaten and pregnant with no memory of what happened. The other is still missing. A small mountain community was torn apart and a young relationship shattered when nineteen-year-old Jeb was arrested for the heinous crime, and Rachel was forced to help put the man she loved behind bars. Now, nine years later, Rachel believes she's finally put the past to rest when her sister dies suddenly in a fire and she's made guardian of her adopted niece. A child, she learns, who was conceived that terrible night of violence, a child whose DNA was used to convict Jeb. And when Jeb is unexpectedly released from max security, Rachel sees that the past has only just begun... ... Because Jeb has come straight home to Snowy Creek. To prove his innocence, reclaim his life, his home. And to meet the daughter he learned about in prison. A daughter Rachel will do anything to protect. And when the town turns violently on Jeb, Rachel will once again be forced to take sides. This time she chooses with her heart. But her decision could cost everything she holds dear--including her niece's life. Because someone in town will do anything to keep the truth buried...even kill.


Retrospects | September 2016

Die momentan etwas knapp bemessene Zeit hinterlässt Spuren bei meinem Lese- und Postingverhalten. Das tut mir sehr leid, lässt sich aber leider momentan nicht ändern, also hoffe ich, dass ihr es mir nachseht. 

Im September waren es "nur" 7 gelesene Bücher, darunter befinden sich aber 3 gerade entdeckte Favoriten ♥.